Inventor view react redux

将视图渲染逻辑从核心框架独立出来,提供更高的灵活性,提供多样试图的支持。如以后需要支持(ejs, vue等),只需要新开发一套试图引擎,并且在业务配置文件配置相应的视图引擎就可以,提供足够的灵活性。

Redux box taro

A redux container to scaffold a redux app as simple as possible while making perfect sense!

Vue2 redux

Vue bindings for for [Redux]( in only 1.06 kB. ⏭


Simple alternative to Vuex, written in TypeScript

Flux entities

The flux entity pattern, or simply the _entity_ pattern, is a common pattern I identified and extracted over the last few years of working on various single page apps, mainly in Vue and React, using Vuex and Redux respectively. This pattern, however is ap

Small store

A small, immutable, reactive and framework agnostic state store under 2KB powered by rxjs and immer with native typescript support. To be used with vanilla, react, preact, angular, vue or whatever you like.

Vue pdf zl

## Project setup ``` npm install vue-pdf-zl --save 安装 vue-pdf-zl 插件 ```

W pdf preview

🔨 基于 vue 的 PDF 在线预览插件开发工程,目前不支持分页预览,默认展示全部。

Vue app scroller

Improved version of the scroll plug-in, support for drop-down refresh and pull up loading, and can support real-time event monitoring to obtain the location of the scroll

@wefly/vue rescroll

Vue 3.0 plug-in for instruction management scroll state and rolling location restore

Vue seamless scroll pl

A simple, Seamless scrolling for Vue.js, fork from

Vue identify

this is a vue plugin for show CAPTCHA getted from server in your page

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