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Cmstop cli

## 介绍 本脚手架以[vue-admin-template](框架的master分支为原型,想了解框架更多信息请转到[文档](。

Ruxiang cli

A vue admin template with Element UI & axios & iconfont & permission control & lint

Ctc web sdk

[vue-typescript-admin-template]( is a production-ready front-end solution for admin interfaces based on [vue](, [typescript]( and UI Toolkit

Vue template admin

ElementHx Admin is a front-end management background integration solution. It based on [Vue.js]( and use the UI Toolkit [Element]( - [vue]( - [element](https://e

Md admin template

### 栗子 ``` <template> <md-button size='smill' @click="handleClick"/> <md-select v-model="form.selected" api="/api" format="id,name" @change="handleChange"/> </template>

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