Category: Fullscreen

@ren rocks/vue markdown editor

lightweight vue markdown editor component that uses finite state machine model to toggle views and fullscreen windows.

@diracleo/vue enlargeable image

A Vue component that acts as a wrapper around any other component to allow that component to be the clicked to show a fullscreen image using a smooth animation.

Vue search

a fullscreen search component for mobile application base on Vue.js 2.0 & Weui

Vue slidepage

vue-slidePage is a fullscreen scrolling component based on [slidePage](

Ks vue fullpage

A simple, flexible and easy to use Vue plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites). No jQuery needed, pure Vanilla js.

Vue tantan stack

vue-tantan-stack,A simple stack sliding component,has easy configuration,support self-adaption / fullscreen / button / page,and is compatible with mobile and PC terminal

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