Category: Integrations

Nx libs

- jquery-captcha - lodash - bootstrap - bootstrap-vue - vue-multiselect - vue-fragment - admin-lite - jquery - moment - vue-router - jstree - vue - vee-validate - vuex - validid - axios

Vue zoomer

Zoom the image or other thing with mouse or touch

Vue reporting

Small reporting plugin for Vue.js supporting Google Analytics.

Glacvcd service form

A Vue-driven web form designed to be embeded on the GLACVCD website and other places it may be required.

Smart area vue

Autocomplete, dropdowns, mentions and other goodies to html textareas


trivago trackingSuite implements GA, FB, HotJar and other services in room5 vue js app

Vue attach event

Project to be able to attach events through a directive to other events on HTML elements in VueJS

Vue fetcher

Simple javascript class used for asynchronous fetching Vue components and templates, without need to setup and use webpack or other tools.

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