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Pjtools map vue

基于GeoGlobe、MapboxGL版本开发库包,扩展构建Map Vue Component组件.

Vue niney

Flexible, versatile and model-driven toolkit for interactive maps. This package contains single file components for Vue.js.

Map lib test

用Vue Cli3实现组件库每个组件分开打包,使用babel-plugin-import实现组件按需引入

Depth map l


Vue mgl

mapbox-gl vue components (map, layers, sources, controls)

Krite vue

Vue based components for krite map applications


openlayer Map Component for Vue 2.0


[![NPM version](](

World map vue

A Vue JS component for displaying a world map with colored countries and overlay information. Forked from Ghrehh and Mrityunjay Saxena.

Vue3 google map

A set of composable components for easy use of Google Maps in your Vue 3 projects.

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