Category: Payment

Vue paypal smart payment buttons

## How to use: 1. Just use `npm install --save vue-paypal-smart-buttons-checkout` 2. Use the components in your file directly.

Vue ccard

A Vue.js component that displays a reactive credit card preview for payment forms.

Vsf payment gpay

The Google Pay API enables fast, simple checkout on your website, and gives you convenient access to hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts worldwide.

Flutterwave vue v3

Flutterwave official Vue library to accept payment via Card , USSD, QrCode etc.

Autocredit vue

this is a autocredit payment gatway pluging to process payment

@kenkou/vue stripe elements

A Vue wrapper for stripe elements. This library was inspired in [fromAtoB/vue-stripe-elements](, but has the following improvements:

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