Category: QR Code

Vue qrcode

🤳 A Vue component for QR code generation with `qrcode`

@syncfusion/ej2 vue barcode generator

Barcode generator component is a pure JavaScript library which will convert a string to Barcode and show it to the user. This supports major 1D and 2D barcodes including coda bar, code 128, QR Code. for Vue

Vue qr generator

Create QR codes with a simple Vue component, Fork of vue-qrcode-component that uses the KeeeX/qrcodejs code generator.

V qr

QR code with logo component for Vue.js.

Vue tomo qr

A Vue.js component that create a qr code for tomo wallet login

Vue qart

the Vue 2.x component of QArt.js

Vue qriously

Component to generate HTML canvas QR codes for Vue.js 2.0

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