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@linxl/vue input tags

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Request list entities vue alpha restful

Simple package responsible for providing a class that assists in the implementation of the object that contains all the necessary methods for the "list-entities-vue" API executes all search requests required for a backend made using the default route of "

Arvis vue

Search for Vue.js API references on

Makeit search

Makeit Search 搜索组件,是基于 Vue3.0 + Vite 开发,默认根据本地数据进行数据筛选,支持远程搜索,同时也支持搜索结果分页配置,自定义结果列表中每一项的点击事件等

Vue dynamic multiselect

A VueJS plugin that provides a searchable and reactive multiselect list component with no dependencies.

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