Category: State Management


simple, reactive state management for any framework using @vue/reactivity


Simple way to get type checking in vuex.


It's modular, easy-scalable, class-based, reactive state-management implementation, written on typescript. And it has several base classes from the box which will simplify your work and significantly reduce the routine.


Stupid simple store library for mixin based state management in Vue.js

Vue busy module

Application busy/loading state management as a Vuex module


App container for Javascript with state management, service management use for React, Vue,...

Web app skeleton

Scaffold a full stack web app (server, frontend, testing). Choice between Vue 3 and React, using Typescript. Uses Typescript, Node, Express for server. Both frontend options include state management and routing packages installed. Test folder utilizes BDD


Super simple type-safe state-management stores for `vue@2` with `@vue/composition-api`. Optionally compatible with Vuex (for devtools).

Vue kwery

Vue state management for http requests

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