Vue resume

A vue plugin. It's helpful if you need do something when your page show again from background.


Vue Runtime for mini program


重新导出 vue-demi, 统一使用 @vue/runtime-dom 作为类型

@abi software/svg sprite

An npm package used to bundle svg icons into the a Vue build. This is opposed to loading svg's from the server at runtime, which can end up svgs loading last on a site.

Nuxt graphql client


Vue cli plugin scp cf app

A package to scaffold a nodejs app from a basic vue.js application for the Cloud Foundry SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). The app has the Destination Service and the Connectivity Service embedded <br><br> Based on Vue CLI v3.0.0-beta.11

@vue materials/admin lite

该模板适用于从 0 到 1 开始搭建项目,内置基础的页面,路由和菜单展示。

Awanbao cli

Awanbao-cli is a project construction scaffold, which provides four sets of project construction environments including PC (elemenetui), mobile terminal (vantui), uniapp (uniui) and templates without UI component library. It can be built and developed in


a simple component command line app.

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