A Vue.js plugin/component to help you manage your icons seamlessly

Vue ico

Dead easy, Google Material Icons for Vue.js Projects

Mdi vue

Material Design Icons for Vue.js

Vue awesome

Font Awesome component for Vue.js, using inline SVG.


Minimalistic doc generator with Vue component based layout system

Vue l carousel

A responsive carousel(namely slider or swiper) component for Vue.js v2.x+.

Vue flickity

A Vue Component for Flickity.js (

Vue tiny slider

Vanilla javascript slider for all purposes created by ganlanyuan in Vue.

Vue slick

Vue component for Slick-carousel (

Vue carousel 3d

Beautiful, flexible and touch supported 3D Carousel for Vue.js

Vue carousel

A flexible, responsive, touch-friendly carousel for Vue.js

Vue coverflow

> vue-coverflow is a vue2 component to simulate the Apple Cover Flow UI effect, without dependency.

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