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Babel plugin asset path

This package is a babel plugin which add an 'assetPath' field to a exported vue component, its value is the component's full file path. It should be used with parcel-plugin-entry-css together to get critical css styles when server render a vue app.

Survey vue confirm

``` |---dist: 打包后的实体文件 |---webpack: webpack配置文件 |---src: 源代码目录 |---asset: 静态资源文件夹 |---components: 组件文件夹 |---business: 业务组件文件夹 |---common: 公共组件文件夹 |---config: 配置文件夹 |---config.js: 配置文件 |---http.js: axios异步请求配置文件

Cos image

Tencent cloud image loading optimization control. ## DEMO ![loading](./asset/loading.gif "loading") ![loading2](./asset/loading2.gif "loading2") ## Installation

@xytoki/asset loader

A webpack loader that catches all incoming assets, preloads it when needed, and replace the url to blob: url using @vue/reactive.

Laravel bundler

Modern and fast asset building tool for Laravel framework with better defaults.

Asset form making

A designer and generator of form base on Vue.js, make form development simple and efficient.

Vue asset loader

a file-loader for Vue solve the image relative path issues when HTML and CSS not in the same directory

Vue registrar

A simple package that dynamically registers your components and vuex modules

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