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Vue twitch video controlls

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Vue audio tapir

Audio recorder tapir component for Vue.js 3. It enables to record, play and send audio messages to a server.

Vue rjman audios

### 一个依赖于vue框架的简易好用的audio音频库,支持同一页面多音频切换,并且同时只会存在一个音频播放,支持拖动,点击跳转至任意处播放。 ### A simple and easy to use Audio library that relies on the VUE framework. It supports multiple audio switches on the same page, and only one audio player exists at the same time


Vue 2 bindings for the Vime media player.

Vue video thumbnail

A component that creates snapshots from video. Only video src is required. A lot of props for customize, slot for custom snapshot rendering. Can create multiple snapshots. I hope it will be helpful for you ;)

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