Category: CSS

Vue use css

This is a minimal Vue composition function that processes and generates scoped CSS at runtime, making it easy to bundle CSS into JS file using any bundler. You can use it to build component (or micro frontend) that bring its own **scoped CSS that will be

Vue cli plugin pug with css modules

Vue CLI plugin to add support for pug templates in addition with CSS modules (providing classname and ID minification), so you won't have to use $style object, just write the code as usual

V css var

use CSS Variables by vue directive

Vue clearcss

find unusecss in vue 在vue组件中找到多余的css代码

Vue cssvar

Vue 注入 CSS 变量控制样式 (兼容 vue2 , vue3)

@leaflink/leaflink ui

A repository housing all of Leaflink's UI, for faster and easier development. Includes core Vue components + css theme files

Vue css loaders

A simple library with few css loaders for vue.js. Supports IE11! The loaders had been taken from

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