Category: Event Handling

Hy event store

An event-based global state management tool for vue, react, mini-program, ect.

Vue error boundary

A reusable error boundary component for catching JavaScript errors and displaying fallback UIs.

Vue event creator

Vue.js library for an admin interface: easy way to schedule events in the calendar

Vue happy bus

Event Bus for Vue2. automatically cancel listening events when destroyed.

Vue ear

Simple fun to use vue event bus class for generating as many event listeners as you want.

Vue event horizon

Adds a directive that listens for click events and scrolls to elements.

Vue hooked async events

Easier and more useful Vue2.x event bus with zero dependencies. Features include expirable, lingering and catch-up async events and listeners (auto-removed), and a customizable atomic API.

Vue3 cookies

A simple Vue.js 3 plugin for handling browser cookies

Ykh yorm

Form handling for Vue + Vuetify

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