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Vue cool lightbox

A pretty Vue.js component to display an image gallery lightbox inspired by fancybox

Vue2 slide unlock

The original project is here:

Vue login slide validator

写这个包的主要目的是为了使用`vue-demi`来写`vue2`和`vue3`的公用组件。简单说一下自己的开发感受吧。不没有想象中的那么顺利(可能是自己没有理解到位); 使用`vue-demi` 里面目前来说只能`vue2`和`vue3`选择一种来进行测试,如果你想在同一个项目中对`vue2`和`vue3`来切换测试,我没有做到,会有些问题。比如: 我曾在项目中建立了一个`examplev2`和`examplev3`来进行项目测试,`vue3`正常启动,`vue2`就会启动不了。我使用的是yarn wor

Vue slide puzzle

A vue component to create a slide puzzle game, be aware that this plugin need to install sass related loader.

@ivanv/vue collapse transition

Custom Vue transition to collapse elements horizontally or vertically. Works with both fixed and 'auto' width or height.

Big shot

A Vue-based image/video slide show widget

Vue slide unlock

Vue.js slide to unlock component. Protect users from accidental clicks or protect your web app from bot attack.

Z slider vue

滑块组件,支持滑动,点击 演示地址 ### 2.安装 npm install z-slider-vue -S ### 3.引入 ```javascript import Slider from 'z-slider-vue' import '../node_modules/z-slider-vue/dist/z-slider-vue.css' Vue.use(Slide

@sufangyu/v viewer

Image viewer component for vue, supports rotation, scale, zoom and so on, based on viewer.js

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