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@hubary/vue cron generator

```bash ## 安装 ## 优化1 去除style下global.less文件无css预处理器的依赖 , 适应less/sass 环境,使用时更友好 ## 优化2 将cell-div cell-symbol更名为cron-common-cell-div cron-common-cell-symbol,缩小重复概率防止全局样式污染 npm i @hubary/vue-cron-generator

Generator yz vue

You can use the generator as the follows: ## install yo and generator-yz-vue global ``` yarn add global yo or npm install global yo yarn add global generator-yz-vue or npm install global generator-yz-vue ```

Generator greentownit vue

``` npm install -g yo generator-greentownit-vue yo Run a generator ❯ Gt Vue ────────────── Update your generators Install a generator Find some help Get me out of here!

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