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Vue barcode

Add barcodes to your Vue application super easily with VueBarcode! [Try it out!](

Ubase vue

``` sh $ vue init litor/ubase2-template project1 $ cd project1 $ npm install --registry= $ npm run dev $ browser http://localhost:port // port在启动的输出日志中可以看到 ``` 注意: 使用上面方式生成的代码中包含框架提供的以下功能的使用方式: * vuex的使用 * 国际化的使用 * 独立请求的c

Vue io

The HTTP for Vue.js,include Ajax & JSONP.

Vue snip

![GitHub]( ![GitHub issues]( [![js-standard-style](]( ![npm b

@tixel/vuex correlated effects

Correlated effects is a side effect model for Vuex. Correlated effects use subscribers to provide new sources of actions such as network requests, web socket messages and time-based events. Effects can be correlated back to the component that initially di

Vue request compatible

Vue 3 composition API for data fetching, supports SWR, polling, error retry, cache request, pagination and other cool features.

Vue rest client

A VueJS RESTful client component to easily integrate apps with APIs

Vue element components


Vue vite cli

[![license](]( [![NPM Version](]( [![github](https://img.shiel

Amv vue slick

Refactor and fixed Vue component for Slick-carousel (

Vue visjs

> Vue2 component that helps with <a href="">Visjs</a> interaction. > This is a fork of the [vis2vue]( project to update to the latest split component Visjs structure.

Elegant vue

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