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@tixel/vuex correlated effects

Correlated effects is a side effect model for Vuex. Correlated effects use subscribers to provide new sources of actions such as network requests, web socket messages and time-based events. Effects can be correlated back to the component that initially di

Vue request compatible

Vue 3 composition API for data fetching, supports SWR, polling, error retry, cache request, pagination and other cool features.

Vue rest client

A VueJS RESTful client component to easily integrate apps with APIs

Vue element components


Vue vite cli

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Amv vue slick

Refactor and fixed Vue component for Slick-carousel (

Vue visjs

> Vue2 component that helps with <a href="">Visjs</a> interaction. > This is a fork of the [vis2vue]( project to update to the latest split component Visjs structure.

Elegant vue

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Easily modularize your application into cancelable components. Everything they initialize can be monitored, stopped and removed automatically, including views, promise chains, requests, listeners, DOM and CSS.

Devegram vuex ajax manager

Devegram Vuex Ajax Manager is package for managing ajax requests via a scalable simple structure, it handles different outgoing sources, auth token, api version, and more.

Vue db query

Elegant and simple way to build requests for REST API

Nuxt redirect

NuxtJs module to dynamically redirect initial requests using a syntax similar to nuxt paging

Hook ajax

Hook AJAX(XMLHttpRequest) functions, and modify or log all ajax requests.

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