Category: i18n

Petite vue i18n lite

A super lightweight and minimal plugin that introduces internationalization into your [Petite Vue]( app with a simple API.

Vue i18n loader

Another i18n solution for Vue (Nuxt) with auto generated keys

@yidun/i18n cli

[Vue I18n]( 开发辅助命令行工具,实现了语法转换、代码检测、翻译等功能,支持lint-staged

Vue smart cron

a project using vue,element-ui to generate cron expression

Excel vue i18n

The CLI application to genetare Vue i18n local file from excel

@unify/vuex i18n

Localization for vue 3 applications that use vuex. Can be used as plugin or composition api.

Nuxt i18n link

A convenient replacement for <nuxt-link> component when using nuxt-i18n

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