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Pup cli

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Pinia d persist

Persist pinia state data in sessionStorage or other storages.

Vue curd

vue-curd is a component solution to quickly generate tables and forms, its based on vue.js 2.x and Element-Ui, it contains two components, one is CurdTable and the other is CurdForm, here is their introduction and basic usage.

Vue use typewriter


Vue offline extended

Offline states, storage and other tools for Vue.js apps and Progressive Web Apps

Vue slicezone

A component that maps other components to Prismic slices

Vben admin

Vue Vben Admin is a free and open source middle and back-end template. Using the latest `vue3`, `vite2`, `TypeScript` and other mainstream technology development, the out-of-the-box middle and back-end front-end solutions can also be used for learning ref

Didof common

I like to build stuff from scratch. But it gets old after a while. Hence, here I'm collecting a series of Vue components & directives that I use regularly across my other projects.

Vue zoomer

Zoom the image or other thing with mouse or touch

Glacvcd service form

A Vue-driven web form designed to be embeded on the GLACVCD website and other places it may be required.

Smart area vue

Autocomplete, dropdowns, mentions and other goodies to html textareas


trivago trackingSuite implements GA, FB, HotJar and other services in room5 vue js app

Vue fetcher

Simple javascript class used for asynchronous fetching Vue components and templates, without need to setup and use webpack or other tools.


A simple js router designed to solve one problem outside of any other frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue

Vue component analyzer

Analyze dependencies, inheritance and some other useful info of Vue components in static code.

Inversify props esm

This package is a wrapper of [Inversify (ES Module Support)]( to simplify how inject your dependencies with property decorators in the components, made with TypeScript and compatible with Vue, React and other compo

Anker graph vue

A simple component library to be used with Vue for creating graphs and other data visualizations.

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