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Vue parallax image

这是一个根据鼠标移动,图层相对位移产生视觉效果。(This is a vue component based on mouse movement and parallax.)


Touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects


Touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects

Vue prlx

Vue.js parallax directive you were looking for

Vue parallax banner

![]( ![](

Vue parallax view

Create a composite control that displays different images that react to the mouse movement to create a depth effect

Vc parallax

Parallax component for VueJs by Martin Ivanov

@netsells/vue parallax

A simple vue component to add parallax background images. ## Installation ```bash npm install @netsells/vue-parallax ``` or ```bash yarn add @netsells/vue-parallax ``` ## Basic Usage ```javascript <v-parallax :background="[IMAGE_URL]" :speed="[PARALLAX_

Vue sf parallax

An easy to use Mouse Parallax Component - Made with Vue.js

Vue fake scroll

Vue Component for creating fake scroll. Sometimes you only need to create scroll area without actually scrolling the content (fixed) and you use the scroll data to move another thing. This is what you need!

Vue rellax

A plugin of Vue that adds a directive for parallax effect by rellax.js.

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