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Vue social sharing by rogio

A Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks. Fork of

Vue navigator share

A Vue component to use native sharing mechanism of the device as part of the Web Share API.

Vue sharing


Vue stories

Social media like stories and status for web with vue✌️

Vue social sharing2

[![Build Status](](

Vue cli plugin oembed

Vue plugin for social media oEmbed. This plugin was developed for supporting latest facebook / instagram oembed api changes.

Inject pm

The singleton injection container independent of the framework can be applied to any js framework or project of react vue to realize multi-module data state sharing and singletonization of control classes. Because react is one-way binding inject-react to

Vue web sharer

A simple, lightweight Vue component to render a sharing actionsheet if the native share is unavailable


Credit to @lmiller1990 for sharing how to build packages in NPM for Vue3 as Vue have still not documented the process.

Vue socials

Social media share buttons and counts for Vue.js

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