Category: Utilities

@progress/wct a11y spec

Contains accessibility and keyboard navigation specification of Telerik and Kendo web components.

Vue nav stack

vue-nav-stack 实现了vue的导航栈的功能,即:push 新页面后,之前的页面不会被销毁,但 back 之后,被返回的页面会被销毁,并且各个页面可定制自己的销毁逻辑

Vue outline

A vue tool to generate a navigation for a web page


Collection of essential Vue Composition Utilities

Vue commercetools

Collection of filters and utilities for the fast development of ecommerce sites with Commercetools and Vue.js


a Vue.js testing utility library

Vue custom inputs

Vue component for custom input, mobile web input, simulating native app input.

Vue2 scrollbar

The Simplest Scroll Area Component with custom scrollbar for Vue 2

@johmun/vue tags input

A tags input component for VueJS with autocompletion, custom validation, templating and much more

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