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Lbx framework vue

A magical vue admin. An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications. Newest development stack of vue. Lots of awesome features

Ss storage

SS Storage is library that help to store data in the session storage, or retrieve data

Memento vuex

A minimalist Vuex plugin for persistent data storage

Vue store lite

Simple state management for Vue based on reactive API.


**crdx** is a **state container for JavaScript apps**. It's comparable to [Redux](, [MobX](, or [Recoil](, and it can be used in any framework ([React](, [Vue

Vue use css

This is a minimal Vue composition function that processes and generates scoped CSS at runtime, making it easy to bundle CSS into JS file using any bundler. You can use it to build component (or micro frontend) that bring its own **scoped CSS that will be

Vue3 window events

This component adds all given listeners to window component and removes them when component unmounts.

Vue dom injector

Inject and remove HTML tags (script, style, etc) into DOM in your Vue2/Vue3 projects

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