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npm i mpvue-calendar-creatation
yarn add mpvue-calendar-creatation

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A feature-rich calendar component, support multiple modes and gesture sliding. For vue 3.0+

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💻 Install

mpvue-calendar only support [email protected]+

npm i mpvue-calendar -S

🔨 Usage


import { ref } from 'vue'
import Calendar from 'mpvue-calendar'

export default {
  components: {
  setup() {
    const remarks = ref({'2021-1-13': 'some tings'})

    return {

⚙️ API

name type default description
selectMode String 'select' For the selection mode of calendar component, can be used by 'select', 'multi','range', 'multiRange' mode
mode String 'month' Configure calendar display mode, the modes has 'month', 'week','monthRange'
selectDate String / String[] / {start: String; end: String} / {start: String; end: String} [] In different selection modes, there are use different types. String type for select mode, String[] type for multi mode, {start: String; end: String} type for range mode, and {start: String; end: String} [] type for multiRange mode.
monthRange String[] If you use monthRange mode, you need to set the content of the month to be displayed. for example [2021-1, 2021-2, 2021-6, 2021-9]
remarks Object Create remark for a day, key is date string, and value is remark content. for example { '2021-1-13': 'some things' }
tileContent Object Create tile content for a day, key is date string, and value is object, object have className and content. for example { '2021-1-5': { className: 'tip-class', content: 'some tip' } }
holidays Object Custom holiday information, for example {'2021-1-1': 'New Year'}
completion Boolean false Complete the calendar table with 6 lines
useSwipe Boolean true The mobile terminal supports gesture sliding to switch calendar
arrowLeft String Left arrow image url of toolbar
arrowRight String Right arrow image url of toolbar
monFirst Boolean false The first day of the week begins on Monday
backgroundText Boolean false Displays the background text of the current month calendar
language String use 'en' or 'cn' language
format (year, month) => [String, String] Format the date display at the header. you need return a array, the contents of the array are year and month
weeks String[] Weekly display content of custom header, for example ['S', 'M', 'T', 'W', 'T', 'F', 'S']
begin String Set the available date of the start, and the date before it will be disabled, for example '2021-1-5'
end String Set the available date of the end, and the date after it will be disabled, for example '2021-2-5'
disabled String[] Disable certain dates , for example ['2021-1-9', '2021-2-5']

Chinese lunar

If you need show chinese lunar, you need import lunar module.


import lunar from 'mpvue-calendar/dist/lunar'
export default {
  setup() {
    return {

⚙️ methods

name type description
onSelect (selectDate) => void This function is triggered when the date is selected
onMonthChange (year, month, day) => void The callback is triggered when the month is change
next (year, month) => void Callback this method when triggered next month
prev (year, month) => void Callback this method when triggered prev month
setToday ref method Back today, you need to pass the ref parameter to call the internal method

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