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GraphQL Code Generator for Nuxt.js! ⚡️

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npm i @nuxt3-graphql/codegen
yarn add @nuxt3-graphql/codegen


GraphQL Code Generator for Nuxt.js! ⚡️


  • Load your codegen config file from the root of your Nuxt3 project
  • Generate code from your GraphQL schema and operations on every build and in dev mode


yarn add -D @nuxt3-graphql/codegen @graphql-codegen/cli graphql
# npm i -D @nuxt3-graphql/codegen @graphql-codegen/cli graphql

Create a condegen config file either manually or with the wizard:

yarn graphql-codegen init


Within your nuxt.config.js add the following:

import { defineNuxtConfig } from "nuxt3";

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  buildModules: [

This will automativally generate the GraphQL code based on your codegen config file each time Nuxt builds your project (this also works in dev mode).

Refer to the GraphQL Code Generator documentation for more information.

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