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@nanogiants/vue3 visible

This package contains a Vue 3 directive which adds v-visible. It differs from `v-if` (not in the DOM) and `v-show` (display: none) by that it sets the elements `visibility` style to `hidden`.

Nuxt seo

SEO / HTML Meta Tags Module for NuxtJS

Vue social sharing by rogio

A Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks. Fork of https://github.com/nicolasbeauvais/vue-social-sharing

Pinia d persist

Persist pinia state data in sessionStorage or other storages.

Vue script tsc

A lightning fast TypeScript type checker for Vue SFC Script tags

Vue cool lightbox

A pretty Vue.js component to display an image gallery lightbox inspired by fancybox

Ol vue

openLayers for vue ne sxt


SyncedStore is an easy-to-use library for building collaborative applications that sync automatically. It's built on top of Yjs, a proven, high performance CRDT implementation.

Vue q editor

A simple rich text editor based on vue & quill

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