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npm i vue-app-navigation
yarn add vue-app-navigation


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A Vue SPA navigation manager,cache the UI in the SPA like a native application, rather than destroy it.



demo code


  • 🐉expanded on vue-router, the original navigation logic remains unchanged
  • ⚽When a page is re-rendered as a push or forward, the newly rendered page will be added to the Stack.
  • 🏆When back or go(negative number), the previous pages are not re-rendered, but instead are read from the Stack, and these pages retain the previous content state, such as the form content, the position of the scroll bar
  • 🏈back or go (negative) will remove unused pages from the Stack
  • 🎓replace will update the current page in the stack
  • 🎉activated hook function triggers when rolling back to the previous page
  • 🚀Browser back and forward events are supporded
  • 🍕Responding to changes in routes with Parameters is supporded, such as navigating from /user/foo to /user/bar, component instances are reused
  • 🐰provides routing direction changes, and you can add different animations when forward or backward

Installation and use


npm install vue-app-navigation
# OR
yarn add vue-app-navigation


import Vue from 'vue'
import VueAppNavigation from 'vue-app-navigation';

// vue-router is necessary
Vue.use(VueAppNavigation, { router });
// App.vue
  <div id="app">
      <router-view ></router-view>


<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-page-stack/dist/vue-page-stack.umd.min.js"></script>
Vue.use(VueAppNavigation, { router });



use Vue.use to install vue-app-navigation

Vue.use(VueAppNavigation, options);
// example
Vue.use(VueAppNavigation, { router });

Options description:

Attribute Description Type Accepted Values Default
router vue-router instance Object vue-router instance -
name VueAppNavigation name String 'VueAppNavigation' 'VueAppNavigation'
keyName stack-key name String 'stack-key' 'stack-key'

you can customize VueAppNavigation's name and keyName

Vue.use(VueAppNavigation, { router, name: 'VueAppNavigation', keyName: 'stack-key' });

forward or backward

If you want to make some animate entering or leaving, Vue-app-navigation offers stack-key-dir to judge forward or backward.

// App.vue
$route(to, from) {
  if (to.params['stack-key-dir'] === 'forward') {
    this.transitionName = 'forward';
  } else {
    this.transitionName = 'back';



Why is the parameter keyName added to the route? To support the browser's backward and forward events,this is important in webApp or wechat.


Details changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Getting the current page instance refers to the keep-alive section of Vue.


The plug-in draws on vue-page-stack,Thank you very much for their inspiration.

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