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Web map Vue components with the power of OpenLayers

OpenLayers Useful 3rd party libraries https://openlayers.org/3rd-party/

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 # install current vue3-openlayers version
npm install vue3-openlayers
yarn add vue3-openlayers

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vue3-openlayers is components library that brings the powerful OpenLayers API to the Vue3 reactive world.
It can display maps with tiled, raster or vector layers loaded from different sources.

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Run End-to-End Tests with Playwright

 # Install browsers for the first run
npx playwright install

# Runs the end-to-end tests
npm run test:e2e

# Runs the end-to-end tests in interactive UI mode (for local development)
npm run test:e2e:ui

# Runs the tests in debug mode
npm run test:e2e:debug

# Runs the tests in trace mode (to time-travel between actions)
npm run test:e2e:trace

# Serve test report (and inspect trace when)
npm run test:e2e:report

# Runs the tests only on Chromium
npm run test:e2e -- --project=chromium
# Runs the tests of a specific file
npm run test:e2e -- tests/example.spec.ts

# Run tests and record new screenshots locally using the same image as in CI env
docker compose run screenshot-update


Please note, when recording screenshots locally the may differ from the platform (linux) in CI.
This results in:

  • a: a different file name
  • b: a slightly different screenshot

So tackle this issue, please always record screenshots locally using the docker compose file which will use the same image/platform as in CI.

 docker compose run screenshot-update


MIT (c) Melih Altıntaş