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Isheji upload component

baseOn vue-upload-component, Vue.js file upload component, Multi-file upload, Upload directory, Drag upload, Drag the directory, Upload multiple files at the same time, html4 (IE 9), `PUT` method, Customize the filter

Zh vue carousel

An enterprise-class UI design language and Vue components implementation

V form engine

一个基于 vue + element-ui 的 PC 端表单引擎。支持灵活的配置项、编辑/查看两种视图、自定义模板/插槽、溢出隐藏、双击复制等...

Chao ui

A Web UI component library similar to desktop experience

Vue3 autocounter

A lightweight Vue 3 component made with TypeScript, you can use it to create an animation that shows an automatic count for any quantity with a specified duration, it can be used for counting up and down.

Vue2 datetime picker

vue2-datetime-picker is a vue2.0 compatible date time picker component. It is a wrapper for the eonasdan.github.io/bootstrap-datetimepicker.

Vue desktop

A UI library for building admin panel website.

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